First publicly available software to handle unstructured data.
First in Malaysia to be used by Malaysian Government Agency.
Fully customizable based on the client's needs.
Can be operated as an API to be integrated by client's platform.

Capabi lities

Wide range of data extraction capabilities.
Deep data cleansing capabilities.
Various data structure alteration capabilities.
Merging and combining multiple sets of data.
Visual power capabilities.

Data Reading

The functionality of READERgives us option to upload and read data from various sourcesand formats such as the following



Optical Character Recognition also known as OCR is a functionality which is available in WIZARD. It is used to extract text data within a digital image such as:

-The price of items in receipt

-Books or dictionaries

-Text from promotion vouchers


Data Extraction

Wizard has the capability to extract data tables by connecting the application into various types of database such as:
- SQLite
- PostgreSQL

SQL queries functionality to extract data is also available within Wizard


Data Shaper

gives user the ability to alter the data in various class and shape as required.
Functionality which are available:

- Changing variable name and class
- Separating columns and combining columns
- Transposing data from horizontal shape into vertical or from vertical shape into horizontal shape (Gather and Spread)
- Arrange and select columns


Data Joiner

gives user the ability to combine multiple data in various capacity and direction
Functionality which are available:

- Combining the data horizontally
- Combining the data vertically
- Joining two data based on key variables and various directions
- Combining data manually by applying R codes


Data Visual

gives the capacity and option to present the data using multiple types of plot models to give clear view of the data and gain insights
Types of plots can be done:

- Histogram, Bar, and Density Plot
- Scatter, Boxplot, Point, and Line Plot
- Time-Series Plot